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Revolutionizing Intravenous Connectivity

IV SafeT has re-imagined vascular access by inventing a medical device for a critical part of the intravenous (IV) pathway. The IV has had essentially no substantial changes to its functional parts for over 100 years - until now. IV SafeT has redesigned the luer lock, which secures the IV tubing to the IV catheter (the part in the body) or other IV tubing and accessories. The device is called the Lang Lock and it provides several unique features.


  • Smaller and lighter with an overall diminished footprint to decrease
    pressure against the skin

  • Anatomically correct with a flat surface against the skin 

  • Ease of use with ridged sides to grip and lock the tubing

  • Particularly well-suited for preemies and infants due to decreased size

  • Usable with any population

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Maggie McLaughlin RN, BSN, VABC | President and Co-Founder IV SafeT 

Maggie has been a pediatric nurse for over 30-years.  She is an expert in pediatric care having worked in general pediatrics, pediatric intensive care unit, critical care transport, and for the last 4-years as the lead for the pediatric/neonatal vascular access team. She is a contributing expert to the establishment of policies and procedures at a major academic medical center in Boston and has taught classes to RNs, MDs and outside hospitals on vascular access and maintenance.


Melinda J. Watman RN, BSN, MSN, CNM, MBA | CEO and Co-Founder IV SafeT 

Melinda spent 15 years as a clinician before obtaining her MBA and transitioning to entrepreneurial endeavors. She has successfully worked with both startups and established companies taking innovative healthcare technologies to market. Her combined clinical and business experience includes running a graduate medical education program, founding a clinical service and working in the digital and IT healthcare spaces where she took a pre-revenue company to a $45M recurring revenue stream in 3 ½ years. She is also a mentor for the MIT Venture Mentor Services and serves on the Board of Directors of a national non-profit organization.

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Maggie McLaughlin

Melinda J. Watman 

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